AD Metal Spinning (Halifax) Ltd: Materials Suitable for Metal Spinning.

Their are many metals that are suitable for the metal spinning process and we at AD Metalspinning(Halifax) Ltd pride ourselves that our higly trained and skilled metal spinning operators are more than highly capable of spinning most materials to high tolerance and quality finish. Our blend of traditional hand spinning and the latest in CNC machine metal spinning technology has given us a competitive edge in offering top performance in a wide range of metal spinning technologies, as well as many In-House finishing services including welding, punching, beading, polishing and custom assembly.Metal Spinning Aluminium


Our tooling is custom made per your specifications. From drawing to finished product, no shape is too simple nor too complex. Our senior staff offer specialised consulting on materials and finishing. Our highly specialised production facilities and over 20 years of experience allow us to fabricate complex metal shapes at a cost advantage over other methods.



Aluminium Spinning

We specialise in spinning Aluminium of various sizes and alloys. A highly polishable metal commonly used in industrial and commercial lighting, we carry a comprehensive stock of size and alloy combinations ready for prototype development. Aluminium is a light weight and durable material. It is available in a large variety of size and alloy combinations allowing for an endless amount finishing possibilities.

Brass Metal Spinning

Brass is most commonly used for decorative metal applications. It is a highly formable metal receptive to many different finishings. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper and can be worked cold or hot depending on its zinc content.

Copper Metal Spinning

Copper is very popular within the lighting and decorating industries, prized for its heat resistant qualities and resilience in harsh climates. Copper metal spinning products are very popular in the lighting and decorating industries. Copper is prized for its heat resistant qualities. Copper is malleable and ductile, and is used extensively in applications such as wiring, plumbing, decorative furnishings, cookware and musical instruments. Copper is also a common choice among exposed exterior applications in harsh climates.

Copper oxidises and develops its own specific coating and coloring depending on its surrounding environment.Metal Spining Brass And Copper

Steel Metal Spinning

Steel is a very commonly spun metal. It is very workable with a wide range of Industrial metal spinning applications. Steel components are renowned for their durability and strength. AD Metal Spinning carry a large stock of mild steel in various gauges ready for use in  production and for the manufacture of prototypes.

Steel is extremely common in metal spinning applications. Steel is a ferrous metal, with carbon being the primary alloying material. Carbon variation determines the strength and quality of the finished steel. Steel spinnings are popular in industrial applications requiring strength and durability.

Stainless Steel Metal Spinning

Stainless Steel has many special metal spinning applications. Popular for its Permanence, strength, and non-corrosive attributes. It is commonly used on exposed exterior applications.

Stainless steel is defined as a ferrous alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content.
Its name is derived from the fact that Stainless Steel resists staining or rust more than regular steel. The chromium content forms an invisible barrier against water and air protecting the metal beneath against oxidisation. Invisible to the eye, this layer quickly reforms when scratched maintaining a high shine and finish.

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