AD Metal Spinning (Halifax) Ltd: Who Uses Metal Spun Products.

What do the lighting, food processing, aerospace, point of sale display manufactures and automotive industries have in common? If you happened to be employed by AD Metalspinning(Halifax) Ltd, you would know that these industries and many more, frequently require the services of an expert metal spinner. The Elland based company has been in business for an incredible 20 years, and today they continue to produce high quality metal spun products that are custom made to meet their client’s exact needs and specifications.Quality metal spinning

Traditional metal spinning, commonly known as hand spinning, is the technique of shaping a circular piece of metal into a desired shape through the use of various tools. Metal spinners must know exactly how much force to apply and precisely where to apply it, making hand metal spinning a technique that requires substantial skill and expertise. The highly trained metal spinners at AD Metalspinning(Halifax) Ltd. can work with metal pieces that have a diameter of up to 1250mm, meaning they can handle most orders. Common products produced by metal spinners include hemispheres, shells, cones, and lids. Hand metal spinning is cost effective and the spinning prosess does not weaken the material.

While hand metal spinning can be aptly described as an art, spinning metal through the use of CNC lathes, also known as superlathes, is more of a science. Hand metal spinning is a good choice if only a few parts are required, but for orders that call for large numbers of identical parts, CNC superlathes are the choice of equipment for virtually any metal spinner. CNC lathes can produce products more quickly and efficiently than hand metal spinning techniques. They can also repeat the metal spinning process automatically to produce a virtually unlimited number of identical parts. In addition to metal spinning, CNC lathes can also be used for trimming, beading, and cornering.

Metal Fabrication and Other Services

The metal spinners employed by AD Metalspinning(Halifax) Ltd. are knowledgeable about more than just metal spinning techniques; they can also provide hydroforming and other metal fabrication services. Hydroforming is the favored method for producing irregularly-shaped products or those that must be quite deep. Pots, floats, and filters are commonly fabricated through the hydroforming method. This method is also suitable when a large number of identical products are required. Other metal fabrication services include plating, polishing, shearing, and sandblasting.

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