AD Metal Spinning (Halifax) Ltd: CNC Turret Press

Latest Acquisition.Our continuing investment program and the need for increased punching capacity as resulted in our recent purchase of an Amada CNC punching machine. As a company we are committed to quality in both our products and services. Our aim 
is to be known as a ‘Service Provider’ with a concept of building long term relationships with our customers. To achieve this we place great emphasis on our reputation for delivering on time and our ability to cope with minimal lead times. 

CNC Turret Press

AD Metal Spinning can satisfy all our customer needs no matter how big or small. We are capable of mass producing parts, but also flexible enough to run small batch sizes in various materials.

This is achieved using the market leading CNC Tooling along with our “State of the art” Cad-Cam software. All parts are produced In an highly efficient environment allowing for quick setups and consistent high quality part reproduction.


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