AD Metal Spinning (Halifax) Ltd: About Us

AD Metal Spinning has been developing and establishing itself and it's reputation for providing products to a high standard for a number of years. With over 50 years of experience in all aspects of metal spinning and press work.

 Aidan, who formed the business, relies on his high quality workmanship to gain and develop new customer bases as well as supplying regular and loyal metalspinning product collection AD Metal Spinning has provided spinning's which are fitted to Rolls Royce and Bentley motor cars, and offers those same high standards to all their products and customers. All our Spun metal components are engineered by our highly skilled metal spinners to meet today's high standard's required from within the metal spinning industry. We believe Success is measured by quality, on-time delivery, and efficiencies that yield competitive pricing. We do achieve success by continuous recruitment of talented people with high regard for ethical behaviour in business, modernization of facility, clear channels of communication, positive, supportive and cooperative teamwork, aggressive search for business alliances and attention to detail. 


We can supply small runs to long batch quantity's and samples to suit, working with most materials such as :

spinning up to 3mm thickness depending on the size and material.

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few facilities in the U.K to spin up to 1250mm diameter and we can also provide presswork to the spinning's we create if required.

If your company buys metal components that look like the ones pictured here, they can be made in one of four ways.  They can be stamped, forged, cast, or spun. AD Metal spinning Employee Inspecting workIf they're spun, they can cost up to 70% less.  Why?  Because they use less raw material.  Because they require less final machining and finishing. And because the cost of tools is usually much less.

If you don't know about metal spinning, its time to talk to AD Metal Spinning(Halifax) Ltd.  We'll explain why tooling cost for spun components is a fraction of that for stamped, cast, or forged components.  We'll explain why turnaround time - from design to delivery - is just days or weeks instead of months. We'll explain why spinning is, simply, better technology whose time has come.  Modern spinning techniques can handle any metal - even the most exotic - with thickness up to 3mm. admetalspinning product examplesAt AD Metal spinning Ltd, we spin components in sizes from 50mm or so in diameter, up to 1250mm diameter. Just take a look at the range of sizes and shapes being produced at Ad Metal Spinning everyday   (We do all the secondary fabrication too, including punching, stamping, painting, sub assembly, and more.)

If you see something even vaguely familiar and would like to pay less for it, contact us today.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and show you the advantage of metal spinning. 

As metal spinning does not require expensive press tools needed by other metal forming processes, metal spinning offers a low cost option when it comes to formed metal products and components.Spinning tools are relatively simple, they can be made quickly enabling shorter lead times for development and production. if you require a fast turn around and speedy delivery on metal spun components,then please contact us via telephone or email for a fast response.

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